The boat hall is used as a workshop, so there are often "shavings" on the floor.

The boat is also maintained here.

Boat space

Tilia on her trolley.

Tilia on her trolley.
Foto: Ib Stolberg-Rohr

Tilia is always located on the transport trolley with starboard side towards an elevation so visitors can get a full view down into the boat.


Photo posters and the bow piece.

Photo posters and the bow piece.
Foto: Ib Stolberg-Rohr

The posters on the end wall show the different phases of the boat's creation and testing.
The picture at the end of the bow piece's horn is from one of the National Museum's installations of the original Hjortspring Boat.

The "half" boat at the front is a full-size exercise version of a bow. It has been used, together with a, now separated, middle piece, for exhibitions around, e.g. Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

The arm at the helm is an illustration of a hypothesis put forward by G. Rosenberg [ p. 88 ], for a evt. application of the four cleats found in the bow of the boat.
The dark outline on the rudder blade is an illustration of the found piece of a rudder blade in the front of the boat. There is also a drawing, at the bottom, on the other side of the rudder, corresponding to the piece found from the aft part of the boat [ p. 86 - 89 ].

Ongoing project

Loki, one stretched dugout, based on the Swedish Björkebåd.

Loki, one stretched dugout, based on the Swedish Björkebåd.
Foto: Ib Stolberg-Rohr

An ongoing project: to make a boat that is easier to handle than Tilia.
It is a stretched dugout, with Björk boat from about 400 evt. as a model. It is found in Sweden.
It's called Loki because it's been so cumbersome!

The other end of the workshop.

The other end of the workshop.
Foto: Ib Stolberg-Rohr

The other end of the workshop with the two side planks for Loki (bottom, under the clutter of the bucks).
Along the walls there are various workplaces, i.a. one where guests can try using our "Hjortspring Iron", a tool from approx. year. 0, under expert guidance, they are very sharp.

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