Descriptions of the reconstructions we work with in Lauget.

Rosenberg's model of the Hjortspring Boat.

Rosenberg's model of the Hjortspring Boat.
F. Kaul. Da våbnene tav. Fig. 9

The Hjortspring-Boat

In 1880, Chresten Nymand helped to remove an approx. 7 m long plank from Hjortspring Bog while digging peat.
This is the first information we have that there is "something" in the bog.

The Hjortspring Boat with associated weapons, tools and personal parts was excavated in 1921 - 1922.

We produced a reconstruction of the boat in the period 1994 -1999.

The Viking Ship Museum's edition of Björkebåden.

The Viking Ship Museum's edition of Björkebåden.

The Björke-Boat

Debris from the Björke boat was first discovered in 1929, when a canal was dug near Björke town in Gästrikland (near Stockholm, Sweden).
In 1947, the boat was rediscovered when the canal was cleaned, and only then did the find result in an investigation. The canal was drained at the site, and the boat was excavated, after which it was taken up, preserved with glycerin and exhibited at the Länsmuseet in Gävle.
At the canal excavation in 1928, approx. 75 cm of the middle of the boat dug away, but also the cleaning of the canal in 1947 had damaged the boat. Upon reviewing the soil taken up during the cleanup, several loose boat parts were found. Otherwise, the boat would have been protected at the bottom of the canal with the upper part in a peat layer and the bottom in a mud layer.

In 2015, we started planning and building a stretched dugout, based on the Björke boat.

We are still working on this project!

Clothes from the Early Iron Age.

Clothes from the Early Iron Age.

Textile work

Our small exhibition with mannequins dressed in copies of clothing found on both sides of year-0.

There are descriptions of the various garments with literature references. There will also be descriptions of manufacturing equipment and methods.

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