The re-creation of the Hjortspring Boat

This part deals with the National Museum measurements of the boat.
The trial run.

National Museum measurements. The trial run

Klargøring til opmåling.

The tension rope has been tightened up and the way out of the yard has been made ready, but before that the boat must be measured.

Påsætning af målepunkter.

The measurement is carried out by people from the National Museum's department in Roskilde. Measurement points are being applied here.

Registrering af målepunkter på PC.

All measurement data is loaded into computers for later modeling to a 3D model of the boat.

3-D målearm.

One of the measuring methods is the use of a 3D measuring arm.

Totalstation i brug.

Another measurement method is the use of a "total-station" device on the tripod in the background. It uses laser.

Totalstationens målesonde.

The red / white "stick" is the target of the laser, it provides distance and height from the "total-station".

Totalstation og målesonde.

Many points are measured on the boat.

Totalstation og målesonde. 3-D målearm.

Both measurement methods are used simultaneously.

3-D trådmodel af stævn.

All these efforts have resulted in a 3D wire model of the bow.
The image is from the computer program. It can also be displayed as a surface model.

Båden på vej ud i det fri.

1999-05-30, the day when the boat will be in the water for the very first time.
The boat must be carried out by 20 people, each with an old fire hose over the shoulder.

Båden på vej ud i det fri.

There is lifting.

Udenfor for første gang.

The boat is carried out of Lindeværftet and put on our specially designed transport trolley.

Øvelser til den kommende ceremoni.

It is not only the launch that needs to be practiced, but the entire planned ceremony.
As seen, our building has been embellished with a painted image of the Hjortspring Boat depicted in the ratio 1:1.

Øvelser til den kommende ceremoni

There must also be a choir for the BIG party, it's the gentlemen in dark jackets.

På vej mod Dyvig.

The first meters along the road towards the water in Dyvig.

På vej mod Dyvig.

Along the small crooked roads in Holm.

På vej mod Dyvig.

Out on the road between Nordborg and Dyvig.

På vej mod Dyvig.

We fill up quite well on the small roads. The oncoming drivers are also curious and considerate!

På vej mod Dyvig.

The last stretch of road, downhill, to the parking lot with a ramp down to the water.

Klargøring til søsætning.

In the parking lot by the two rowing clubs. There is a floating bridge we have been allowed to use.

Det sidste stykke ned til vandet.

On the edge of the ramp to the water.

Alle er glade, den flyder!

Everyone is happy, it's flowing!

Til flydebroen.

Now we need to have the boat moored to the floating bridge that lies in the background.

Ved flydebroen.

The boat is now at the bridge that can be made ready to sail.

Det første billede af vores båd på vandet.

The copy of the Hjortspringbåden is finally in its proper element, almost as it was 2,370 years ago!

  • Ib Stolberg-Rohr has selected and customized the images.

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